Our team of experienced land development professionals work in an integrated process to deliver optimized land development documents that speed up the approval process, use land effectively and minimize development costs.  All planning, surveying, engineering and environmental tasks are completed in-house or with trusted industry partners with whom we have long standing relationships. 

  • Land Development Design – TUF’s land development design staff has worked as a team for years delivering top quality design and support to developers, home owners and clients across the Globe. Our skills have been developed to provide efficient and innovative planning and layouts, storm-water management practices, and sewerage and water systems; all of which aim to maximize yield and minimize costs.
  • Land Development Survey – TUF’s surveyors are recognized in the industry as the most reliable and well trained surveyors in the field today. Their experience ranges from individual property surveys to large scale commercial construction projects. Our clients appreciate the individual attention provided by our surveyors and their ability to communicate a variety of data to many types of professions such as construction site workers, architects and engineers.
  • Land Development Planning – TUF’s land planners support both land development and transportation planning functions. Often these two disciplines integrate nicely to the benefit of our clients. We have many years of experience in land development planning, maximizing site yield based on zoning restrictions. We have also been successful developing plans for clients to support rezoning petitions, annexation requests and land use changes.

Our approach is to create a synergy between the needs of the client, the environment and community concerns. TUF will continue to become a recognized leader in land use planning and land development support through high quality land plans.



From high-end retail construction to intricate museums and office space, we have the experienced construction teams and techniques to help you meet your goals. We combine an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of construction with a unique sensitivity to the programming and function of your facility while minimizing the effects of construction so your operations stay on track.


With decades of experience in health care construction, hospital infrastructure and building systems, we are very familiar with the challenges of constructing high quality, cost-effective patient-centered health care environments while ensuring crucial care spaces, hospital operations and life safety systems are maintained.


Whether a single-floor dormitory renovation or an NCAA-standard athletic facility, we carefully plan the logistics of every task, take a focused approach to safety and communicate daily with appropriate facilities and administration personnel to control costs and minimize disruption. Our responsiveness to the needs of faculty, staff, students and visitors has led to long, successful relationships with academic institutions throughout the US and International markets.


When we work in places where people go to relax and enjoy themselves, we handle all aspects of the construction process so you are able to focus on your customers and your business. That might mean changing work hours so resort guests are not disturbed, adapting construction plans to avoid peak business times or handling the intricate environmental permitting issues that are crucial to the project’s success. Our teams of seasoned professionals are flexible, creative and accommodating to the nature of the worksite and the needs of the owner.


With nearly 50 years of our team and strategic partners in the manufacturing and industrial construction market, we understand that project delays mean lost revenue for our clients. We expertly manage the unique requirements associated with highly sophisticated systems and processes during construction so clients can focus on operationalizing their new or upgraded facility.


We understand the unique challenges of completing complex construction activities at operating plants and new sites – and have the expertise to overcome them. Whether procured through traditional design-bid-build or integrated delivery methods, projects benefit from our in-depth planning, collaborative approach and dedicated team of employee-owners who are experts at driving projects forward at the right pace.


TUF understands that decent, affordable housing is important to families. … Decent, affordable housing reduces stress, toxins, and infectious disease, which leads to improvement in both physical and mental health. Affordable housing also frees up funds within families’ tight budgets to spend on health care and food.  TUF’s Residential Development Company is setting out to create more successful residential communities — one that excites everyone involved including residents and city staff, commissions and councils. How are we doing it?



TUF’S residential development is a long-term investment for every community. For TUF,  this involves understanding the communities in which we are from and taking a step back to, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.”   With this in mind, TUF designs, develops and create sustainable residential  communities, rather than stick with development patterns of the past, we are redesigning the layouts of the past to fit the higher standards and expectations of today’s residents and communities.



Every TUF Village Development must meet a wide range of objectives in order to be successful. For a residential development, the key lies in a subdivision layout that maximizes the number of lots. While smaller lots are good for the city and for the developer, they end up creating lots that make residents feel cramped. With new design techniques and philosophies, TUf has found that on a typical site, we are able to serve the same density as a conventional design with significantly less streets and infrastructure. 



Corner lots are the most expensive to build, are typically the last to sell and usually sell at a lower price point. Eliminating corner lots by reducing unneeded intersections is step one. Step two is to stretch the setback line along the proposed streets to increase the number of lots—with less street. Step three is simple. Why build local and residential streets if no houses front the street or only front it on one side? An efficient design will have lots on both sides of every street.



In a time of budgetary constraints, successful TUF’s land development is measured by how efficient the design is in its infrastructure requirements and how quickly the tax assessment stream can begin. TUF benefits from this shift in design because it creates a market advantage and reduces upfront costs, which lowers risk. For communities, the advantages are a decrease in life cycle maintenance costs including street cleaning and snow removal, while increasing the lot numbers and valuation for greater tax base.



TUF designs with the people and community in mind, the development will automatically attract home buyers. TUF’s successful Residential developers recognize this trend. In addition, TUF is bringing a strong desire and full understanding to create not just a community, but a sense of place for their future children, families and residents. 



TUF’s Southern California Development transforms the surrounding development areas into a year-round International Sports and Entertainment destination for the enjoyment of people throughout California as well as visitors to the region. This will be the new “Futuristic & Must See” entertainment destination and gathering spot in for all Californians to enjoy.

This project covers over: 

  • $36 Billion Dollar Project Development cost,  
  • 1,140 + acres  
  • 22 Million + square feet development area,  
  • 126,500 + parking spaces  
  • 50 Million Plus Visitors a Year  
  • $31 Billion + a year in gross revenues  
  • $2.4 Billion + a year in tax revenue  
  • Each development area has been planned around this new Aerotropils Paradigm.   


The creation of TUF Sports Live! will transform the Central Californian City Campus into the largest and most successful urban land development within Los Angeles County County, to an Iconic LIVE, LEARN, WORK, SHOP, STAY, PLAY international destination. 

This project covers over: 

  • $5.9 Billion Dollar Project Development cost, 
  • 178 Acres entire south campus
  • 1.9 million square foot of office space
  • 2 million square foot of indoor/outdoor Sports Recreational facilities
  • 400,000 square foot of Restaurant/Retail
  • 800,000 Square Foot of Hotel Space/900 Keys
  • 1 Million Square Foot of Green Roof  •28,000 + Parking Space Areas
  • 2 Million Square Foot of Residential
  • 30 million plus visitors per year  


Chandler Residential – A $20 Million, 3.834 acre site in the San Marcos Fairway Neighborhood. A walkable Multi-Family Residential Neighborhood. This market responsive development will feature architecture and building forms that will be distinct in design identity and will establish a forward-thinking residential neighborhood.