We harnessed the drive and qualities that make athletes & entertainers successful on the field and on the stage, and transform them into great business owners and leaders?


Athletes & Entertainers from around the world, Trained In, Mastered In, Worked In, Invested In, Collaborated In,  transformational growth of one Global Development Company?  


Corporate & Community Leaders from around the world, United with Athletes & Entertainers from the starting of, to the finish of, to the beginning of their next career transformation?  


The Ultimate Fan Inc., (TUF), A Global Sports, Entertainment, Business & Land Development Company was created by athletes and entertainers, for athletes and entertainers to give back to the people, community and the Fans in a business designed to be Managed, Owned, and Operated by the Athletes & Entertainers, Before, During and After Their Careers. 

Today, sport and entertainment are in more households and more hearts and minds than ever before. The game and the show is now part of the mainstream of our society in a way that is tangible and permanent. 

TUF’s foundation was built on leveraging Sports, Entertainment & Business as a tool for Development, Sustainability & Peace to assist in attaining the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals by 2030. 



The Ultimate Fan Inc, (TUF) is an Arizona C-Corp with Sub Vertical C-Corps and subsidiary Limited Liability Companies in order to maximize the total Corporate Structure, Investment Strategies and Fringe Benefits Business Model.

The proposed model is based on TUF’s belief in each individual team member and individual company’s strength and its ability to succeed as a stand alone business or in a cluster of businesses. 

This specialized business model allows for individual success and corporate growth, while working together creating a global economic "TEAM" branded business model with exponential financial stability.  

Since TUF’s inception, we're positioned to become one of the most innovative and creative global corporations in the world. TUF’s Strategic Sports, Entertainment, Business and Land Development Model of (Build & Fill) and Strategic Development Structure has allowed TUF to become established in several vertical markets and establishing 350 + companies in sports, entertainment, business and land developments around the world.



Everyone is a Fan of someone or something. A fan, or fanatic, sometimes also termed aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a singer or band, a sport or a sports team, a genre, a politician, a book, a movie or an entertainer. 


The Ultimate Fan Inc., (TUF) (A FAN OF HUMAN & COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION) turned Fandemonium into a Global Sports, Entertainment, Business & Land development company, creating an athlete & entertainer global benefit corporation for Development, Sustainability and Peace. 


We’re living on the precipice of a new era in corporate and human history. Entering A World That Doesn’t Exist For Most Of Us – The Ultimate Fan Inc., (TUF) offers an Evolutionary Corporate Strategy (ECS) for an emerging society that will be increasingly fast paced, interconnected, interdependent, and complex. 

TUF is about Global Human Benefit (NO PERSON LEFT BEHIND) and the corporate capacities needed to achieve financial success, while assisting in the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.




Are you really ready for change? Are you prepared for a world changing as fast as you can read this sentence? Most people say they are prepared for the future, yet many people, organizations and communities are doing things in the same old way they’ve been working for decades. 



By 2030 the global population will reach 8.5 billion, 9.7 billion by 2050 and exceed 11 billion people in 2100, while the World Gross Domestic Product, (GDP) will reach $160 Trillion by 2030, $350 Trillion by 2050 and exceed $750 Trillion by 2100.  



“If 1% of the World’s Annual GDP went to 

Global Human Benefit, UN Sustainability Development Goals By 2030 are achieved.  

Shared Advantage starts with us, in the home, office and extends to the entire community — where health, social, environmental and economic policies inspire growth and sustainable practices. 


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We are committed to developing healthy communities and actively address environmental/sustainable, economic, health & wellness, social, transportation and governance impacts — aligning our projects to the interests of the communities in which we develop, our stakeholders, investors, clients and employees.


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